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Extreme Solos to Guru Private List

Extreme Solos to Guru Private List
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4 Words:

Private List Extreme Solos


Do NOT Sell products or services on Safelists.  Safelists are great for BUILDING YOUR LIST, but not making SALES.




If you don't have your own list, what should you do?


Go with a list of PROVEN BUYERS.

Go with the list of a Network Marketing Icon: Frank Salinas


Get these Extreme Solo Ads to Frank's PRIVATE LIST NOW 

- timeslots are disappearing FAST


Schedule your Extreme Solos  NOW


Frank charges $250 each (check his website).


As an inner circle member, I bought a BLOCK of EXTREME SOLOS.  They are available for resale at Frank's suggested price of about $100 each.


Only 26 Left starting at $99 each.


Discount when you purchase 2 or more NOW


Rich Moyer